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HOVOKK – a science fiction-story

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publisher: neobooks Germany (August, 6th 2018)


formats and editions:

Paperback, eBook (German edition)

eBook (English edition)





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As long as Brent Carpico can remember, he is plagued by an indefinable fear that is deeply rooted in his consciousness. Even as a battle-hardened lieutenant of the Astrotroops, the army of the forces of the interstellar League of Nations named “Hexagon”, he is shaken by recurring nightmares that seem to come from his youth. When he discovers paranormal skills on a mission for the first time he has a sense of foreboding what the reason could be. Where do the forces that arouse the strong interest of his superiors come from? And what happened to him as an orphan in the turmoil of the machine wars?

Pressed by his high command on this issue, Brent is forced to desert after a chaotic combat operation. He is supported in this undertaking by the troop doctor Polianna Reed. They are accompanied by the girl Rona, whose parents lived on the planet Markkis I – the homeworld of the warlike „Markkya” – as settlers and died in the fighting. Their escape takes them into the wilderness of Markkis I, where they are welcomed by the locals and get to know a completely new world. The idyll of her new home is in danger when Brent’s past catches up with him again. . .